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How To Fertilize Anthurium Plants

Proper treatment of your anthurium is basic. An inordinate measure of plant food can hurt it, while too little plant food implies less blossoms. To find how to prepare your anthurium appropriately you really want to realize how its nourishing necessities are met right at home.

Inside its regular environment, nobody journey through the backwoods with a gigantic holder of manure and sprinkles it on these plants. Rather, they are taken care of through two of wellsprings of sustenance. The first is rotting leaf litter. As leaves fall the gather around the foundations of these plants and as the leaves rot, they give a consistent wellspring of supplements. Second, minerals from enormous residue storms on the African landmass are blown across the Atlantic and are kept upon these plants when it downpours.

These two sources don’t give a lot anthurium andraeanum of in that frame of mind of supplements, yet what they truly do give is all that could possibly be needed to guarantee the prosperity of these plants. The example to focus point is that these plants need next to no in the method of food. Truth be told, over-taking care of them is a fundamentally bigger issue than depriving them. Over-feed and you risk hurting your plant. Starve and the more terrible that will happen is that your plant will grow somewhat more slow.

There are two methods for treating your plant. The least demanding method for taking care of your plant is to utilize a sluggish delivery compost. Two great options are Nutricote 13-13-13 or Osmocote 14-14-14. These composts can endure however much three months or more and will supply sustenance to your plant consistently. Simply apply an unassuming sum and your plant will be fine for various months.

The more troublesome, however undeniably more impressive, technique to take care of your plant is to utilize a fluid compost. Would it be advisable for you decide to go down this way, you’ll need to dilute the manure to 10 percent of its normal, suggested strength and use it week by week. This will require much more exertion, but it might bring about a greater plant and bigger blossoms. Be that as it may, be mindful so as not to give your plant a lot of compost or it will bite the dust.

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